President of Flexco Microwave with former President Ronald Reagan.

In 1970 Flexco Microwave, Inc. pioneered flexible coaxial cable which maintains its electrical stability under repeated flexure, representing a major advance in coaxial interconnects. Flexco engineers, manufacture and market custom and off-the shelf cable assemblies. The unique, super-flexible outer conductor designs patented by Flexco have enabled systems and test engineers to design-in better performance ever since. The first 25 years of production and sales were primarily oriented towards military and aerospace applications, with a reputation for quality and reliability earned in a number of satellite, missile radar, and airborne systems. Today Flexco has successfully made the transition from military programs to a commercial marketplace.

Flexco's products remain unmatched for performance and flexibility during installation and operation due to its unique design. An ongoing R&D program assures you that the latest development in materials and assembly technologies are continually incorporated into Flexco's products and production. Patented manufacturing methods allow Flexco to constantly deliver higher performance products at lower costs. Flexco's sealed outer conductor is manufactured using a patented process to form highly flexible, tubular outer conductor from the highest quality copper. Center conductors are made of stranded or solid silver plated copper. Flexco's patented dielectric processing methods make calculated helical cuts into air-articulated PTFE, creating a flexible nearly "air line." The Flexco outer conductor designs allow for no change in concentricity between inner and outer conductors during repeated flexing, and therefore no change in electrical performance. Flexco's full-range of cable products are at the top of their class in performance, reliability and value.

At Flexco, everyone is fully dedicated to providing technology that guarantees next generation microwave system performance. Flexco is a family business that credits it success to the outstanding work of its employees. Of the people employed by Flexco Microwave, the average length of service is 12 years. Sales growth of 15% each year for the past 2 years have allowed Flexco to hire more employees in production and sales.


Flexco Microwave has established a total company commitment to quality and promotes complete customer satisfaction. Service oversees all aspects of Flexco's daily operations, and is the driving force behind the company's sustained growth and success. The Service team interfaces directly with customers, the sales force, and vendors. In addition, this team maintains the thousands of cable designs Flexco has amassed over the years, and ensures prompt response to your needs. Company administrative functions: human resources, finance, and marketing are also part of the service team.

Design & Development

A fully staffed Engineering Group is available to offer custom design solutions that solve the ever-increasing performance demands of new microwave systems. The Design and Development Team heads up all new product development, and is responsible for innovative new products year after year. This team handles all custom designs, engineering, testing, and custom products. Design and development also oversees all tooling and machine shop operations. In the first half of 1997 Flexco has introduced 4 new products to the marketplace, with more innovative products to be released soon.


Program Managers are assigned to guarantee customer satisfaction, design specifications, and quick turnaround. Flexco manufacturing plants are located in Hackettstown, NJ (18,000 sq.ft) and Port Murray, NJ (20,000 sq. ft.) located 1 hour west of NYC. The manufacturing team is responsible for materials and production, as well as the company's MIL-45208 Quality Control. Every product is subject to preliminary and final electrical and mechanical inspection, with serial number tracking and test data is required. Flexco Microwave maintains a statistical process control system and is ISO 9001-2000 certified.